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Sweel is the perfect fusion of the smartphone, connectivity, protection and cycling

In 3 steps, you can make your electric bike connected and protected. You just have to download the FREE application, buy the SWEELO© and choose the Connect Pack or the Protect Pack. You will then have an electric bike completely under control.

Get started in 3 steps

Bike Dashboard

Sweel proposes the best bike application. It's a real dashboard with all functionality and it's FREE.

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Connect your Bike to your digital world

Download the FREE App (BETA)

Connect your bike with the SWEELO©

Start now and buy a SWEELO© ! Protect your bike. It's a hardware solution to connect and protect your bike with GPS, 3G SIMCARD, Bluetooth, Sensor... Installation is simple and can be done by a dealer.

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Choose a Pack including insurance

Sweel offers you the best solution to Connect & Protect your bike. Choose a pack that will always be cheaper than your current insurance.

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Protect your Bike with Sweel Insurance

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