The cargo bike, an ecological mobility solution

The cargo bike is at the heart of the “Cargo Bike” project, supported by several public and private organizations. The goal? Demonstrate that this type of bicycle improves air quality in Brussels.

Many short daily journeys can be done perfectly by bike rather than by car to improve mobility and air quality in the city. There is (almost) no more debate on this. But there is still a barrier when it comes to shopping, taking children to school or to an activity, transporting goods, tools ... There is, however, an alternative to these needs: the cargo bike.

50% of deliveries can be made with a cargo bike
The air is mainly polluted by NOx, nitrogen oxides, 70% of the motorway traffic in the capital. "If we want to improve air quality, we must also work on mobility. A lot of things have already been done in this spirit and we looked at what more could be done ", explains Charlotte De Broux, coordinator of the Cairgo Bike project at Bruxelles Mobilité. “The cargo is the missing link between the bicycle and the car or the van. One of the objectives of this project is to work with the idea of ​​influencing behavior and showing that the cargo bike is an alternative. For example, we want to show people directly impacted by the Low Emission Zone that it is not necessarily necessary to buy a vehicle ". Because the potential is enormous with regard to cargo bikes, which remains a niche market. “Recent studies have shown that 50% of business deliveries can be made with a cargo bike. It is also suitable for 75% of private trips, ”adds the coordinator.